Yes, there is life beyond your break-up!

And it’s time to meet it, my friend.

Break-ups can be a real bitch, but they can also be a catalyst to help you grow into the strong, successful and happy woman that you deserve to be.
I can help you wade through the horrible parts of your break-up, learn how to grieve your loss, and build yourself up until you have an unshakable self-esteem and an identity that you know and love.
How would that feel? Willing to find out?
If you are, then it’s time for us to get creative together and get you living a new life that will surpass what you imagined. Maybe just maybe, it could include plans to attract a new romantic love… if that’s what you want.
Here are the ways we can work together to start mending that broken heart of yours.



  • Explore what aspect of your break-up recovery is really holding you back.
  • Identify unhelpful beliefs or stories that your mind is caught up in.
  • Learn strategies to help with those emotions to get you through in the short-term.
  • Get an understanding of what is important to you and how to get back into life.

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  • Stop wondering how on earth you are going to cope with your intense emotions that fluctuate up, down, back and forth.
  • Discover how you’ll get back to being the strong woman you used to be.
  • Plan what life is going to be like now that your ex isn’t in the picture.

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